ArtStreet's New Media Evolution

We've partnered with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for a radical project - an artistic enterprise unlike anything we've attempted before. WLRN is teaming up with the most exciting artists, musicians and performers in south Florida to collaborate on a series of videos designed for the web.

These videos will be fun, playful and creative. They will make history as Miami's artists take part in a project to define the city itself, using the tools of the internet age.

To learn more, check out the video posted below.

VIDEO - A Jew Grows in Brooklyn

A Jew Grows in Brooklyn is an off Broadway show playing all over the country. Jake Ehrenreich tells the story of his life in a way only he can - as a rock and roll, holocaust family, borscht belt comedy musical.

VIDEO - Jim Morin has won two Pulitzers!

Jim Morin is an award winning political cartoonist for the Miami Herald. He's also an artist and amateur musician.

VIDEO - Cirque Dreams Spectacular

Cirque Dreams is a wild music and acrobatic performance, unlike anything you've ever seen before. We go behind the scenes of this spectacular traveling show and show you how it all comes together. Please watch in High Quality!

VIDEO - Sadia Shepard and the Lost Jews of India

Sadia Shepard grew up in the Muslim faith. She later discovered that her grandmother was Jewish, a rare thing in India. In an effort to uncover her heritage, Sadia returned to India to find the Jewish tribe of her ancestors, the Bene Israel.

VIDEO - Jen Stark's Amazing Paper Art

Jen Stark's intricate and beautiful work must be seen to be believed. She's only 26 years old and is already making a name for herself as an artist with her jaw dropping work. Her medium? Construction paper.

Music by Eddie Alonso.