ArtStreet's New Media Evolution

We've partnered with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for a radical project - an artistic enterprise unlike anything we've attempted before. WLRN is teaming up with the most exciting artists, musicians and performers in south Florida to collaborate on a series of videos designed for the web.

These videos will be fun, playful and creative. They will make history as Miami's artists take part in a project to define the city itself, using the tools of the internet age.

To learn more, check out the video posted below.

Welcome to ArtStreet 2.0 - The new blog.

So we've tried a few things with this blog and now we're trying something else. Used to be that this blog was a place to embed our segments so you could watch here instead of on that pesky YouTube. No longer. YouTube has redesigned it's channel pages and they look great. You can see our entire online catalog, watch our videos, comment and share all from one place at

YouTube's new site design makes this blog sort of obsolete, so here's the new idea: this blog is where we'll carry over the discussion from our new media outlet and our regular broadcast. If you have things you want to say, post comments. If you have story ideas, post comments. If you like something or hate something, let us know.

For our part, we'll update semi-regularly and keep you abreast of our goings-on. Our segments will continue to go our YouTube and we'll be using our new Twitter account ( to keep getting the word out about the great artists here in South Florida.

VIDEO - Pinnacle Housing

Pinnacle Housing builds affordable housing in Miami with a twist: they commission artists to create and incorporate large scale public art into their buildings.